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In all my years writing these letters as my Last Job for the month, I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as relieved as I am this month to be able to say Happy New Year. As usual for this first issue of the year, we’ve canvassed some of our industry in
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Zoe Caldwell
A big advantage for any writer is knowing the kind of story they want to tell. And Zoe Caldwell, debut crime thriller author of Predator (Bloodhound Books), certainly did that. ‘The story,’ says Zoe, a copywriter and former journalist, ’is based arou
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Lockdown Result
‘As we enter a new year we all doubtless look back on a very different kind of year from what we expected and wanted,’ writes Patrick Forsyth. ‘As one of Writing Magazine’s regular contributors, I’ve certainly used some of my lockdown time constructi