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lla Allbright has an HR day job and writes commercial women’s fiction set in her home county of Dorset. Her first novel in this genre, The Last Charm, was published in 2020 by One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Ella also writes as Nikki Moore, author of the popular #LoveLondon romance series, which was later released in Italy

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Writing Magazine2 min. leídos
In Summary
There’s some good writing here. Paradoxically, there’s also some rough-hewn prose. The cooks tone and speech is very economically done, but the maid is an authorial ‘plant’/Meanwhile, Adam – like Oliver Twist – comes across as a pitiful and potential
Writing Magazine2 min. leídos
A #Merky Future For Jyoti
Jyoti Patelhas won the #Merky Books New Writers Prize 2021. More than 2,000 submissions were received for the award for unpublished, underrepresented young authors. The prize is a publishing contract with the #Merky Books imprint at Penguin Random Ho
Writing Magazine4 min. leídos
A Writer’s Worksheet
For those new to the writing game (welcome!), it’s worth pointing out that, no matter what you might have been told, writing is not a closed shop. Nor is it one of the dark arts carried out at dead of night over a rotting sheep’s carcass overseen by