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Let me begin this column on a cheery note taken from Wikipedia:

The Panic of 1819 was the first widespread and durable financial crisis in the United States and some historians have called it the first Great Depression. It was followed by a general collapse of the American economy that persisted through 1821. The Panic heralded the transition of the nation from its colonial commercial status with Europe toward an independent economy.

Before I get

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1st-8th: Cultural activities. You will be reminded of the important role friends play in your life, Virgo. On the 5th the Sun in your solar 11th forms a sextile to Uranus in your solar 9th, signaling that you and your group may attend cultural activi
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Your July Birthday Horoscope
1 Altruistic, ambitious, daring. Your ambitions and position in life are in the spotlight. Be willing to make positive changes. Try to resolve problems with your peers, parents, and superiors. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Dan Aykroyd, actor) 2
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