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Double jeopardy

ernard Beckett began writing a few years back as bedtime reading for his twin boys, completing a section each day. The novel opens with twins Arlo and Stefan deciding to investigate an abandoned house late at night. They spot a light flickering behind grimy windows.

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Readers were asked to create a four-line poem describing either a popular or unpopular holiday destination. Tommy Wilson of Papamoa: In the hem of my dress I sewed a big chain/All of my girlfriends said I was insane/I’m off on holiday to Wellington I
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Health Briefs
Researchers from Yale School of Medicine believe that the speed-versus-efficacy trade-off of administering a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine may overrule the need for a double dose in the short term. While the double dose is more effective than o
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10 Quick Questions
1. Which of these figures of old-time America is a fictional character? ❑ Annie Oakley ❑ Davy Crockett ❑ Wild Bill Hickok ❑ Hopalong Cassidy 2. Which classic film prominently features a fictional estate called Xanadu? ❑ Citizen Kane ❑ Breakfast at Ti