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The latest novel by the former GP turned short-story writer and novelist, ADDRESSED TO GRETA (Bateman, $34.99), is released on November

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Antics In The Bay
Catherine Robertson’s latest novel is a return to the fictional coastal town of Gabriel’s Bay. Featuring the same diverse ensemble of characters as the previous two books in the series, Spellbound is full of humour and honesty, with all the drama and
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Primitive Cool
Neanderthals are in the headlines. Fox News used the word 98 times a couple of Thursdays ago. Fox was, of course, taking aim at the Democrats and President Joe Biden in particular. But it’s not only Fox News. Lately, scientific journals are full of d
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Puzzle No 1591 1. What is the largest city in the South Pacific outside Australia and New Zealand? (4,7) 8. Which fund-raiser for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides originated in the 1950s? (3-1-3) 9. What lake lies closely parallel to Lake Wānaka? (5) 10. I