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n November’s Q&A section, you refer to the former use of ‘Roger’ as a military response to received radio messages. I have heard that the hoped for response to British coded radio messages early in World War II was ‘received and decoded’. This was later changed to R and D. The Americans, on entering the war, changed this to ‘Roger Dodger’. Later developments caused Roger alone to be used for

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Charles I 19 November 1600 – 30 January 1649
A shy, sickly child, Charles lived in the shadow of his accomplished older brother, Henry Frederick. Henry was extremely popular, even eclipsing his father, James VI and I, on occasion, but at 18 he died, probably from typhoid fever, and Charles beca
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In 1644, Henrietta Maria gave birth to the royal couple’s last child, Henrietta Anne, as her husband’s enemies were closing in. Fifteen days later she was forced to leave her baby and flee to France. It would be two years before she saw her again. ■
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With the King dead, England was declared a Commonwealth and Free-State, Cromwell became the first de facto leader of the Council of State – a period known as the Interregnum. The execution of Charles I was not the death of the royalist cause – suppor