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Let’s Create Safe Spaces for Transgender and Nonbinary Yogis

For years, I stood behind the desk of a well-known yoga chain, watching as students hurried through the doors. They’d drop their canvas bags and jangling keys on the counter and exhale their names to me, eager as kids at a pool party to hop into class.

It was my job to tell new arrivals where the water fountain and studios were and direct them to the locker rooms—“men’s” or “women’s.” As a trans person and longtime

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The Draw Of The Senses
ON A BEACH trip when I was about six years old, my mother pointed out the colorful coquina clams on the shore. Each time a wave drew back into the sea, the tiny creatures, sensing their exposure, would send out a soft foot and dig themselves back int
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Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
A Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet planted with your heels directly below your knees. Keep your feet parallel with your knees hip-width apart. Arms are by your sides, palms down, reaching toward your feet. B Maintain a comfortable space be
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Dharma Talk
WHEN I TOOK yoga teacher training, I realized that this is an ancient philosophy and lineage. I felt like I was not ready to teach it, because it wasn‘t my own. So I spent the next three years integrating and embodying what I learned. I went on to tr