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The Crown in Focus

By Claudia Acott Williams, foreword by David Cannadine, hardback, Merell, 224 pages, £29.95, ISBN 9781858946863

Presenting more than 200 royal photographs stretching back to thestarts with the birth of photography, exploring how the new medium helped to shape the image of the Victorians and beyond. Prince Albert was one of the first of the European royals to truly understand photography’s power as both an art and science, and how it could be used to secure the survival and popularity of the monarchy. Moving through the next 150 years or so, there’s imagery here from the likes of Cecil Beaton, Annie Leibovitz, Nadav Kander, Lord Lichfield and other leading names. Even if you have limited interest in the exploits of the royal family, it’s a fascinating look back through the portraiture archives of some of the world’s best photographers.

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