Adaptation energy and surviving COVID-19

hile we don’t know exactly what the adaptation energy is that Osler mentions, my feeling is that it is basically the amount of mental energy we have

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Elevate your training and develop hill strength. Do you have a big race coming up? Need to conquer some serious elevation? The advice you would expect to hear is to improve your hill strength. That is easy enough! Go find a big bad hill and start run
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Feeling Small
There’s freedom in being small. Into the mountains I go, dwarfed by the rocks, weather, and open space. And I feel wonderfully little. Humans are bad at understanding scale. The scale of thousands to millions to billions, or home to city to province
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What fuels your run stoke? Bad ass? I think you meant to say trail runner? This sport has changed my life. I run in places few people have tread. I may fall and curse, but I will get back up again. Testing my limits and finding out I am more capable