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Sarah’s Favourite Things
My favourite… part of the garden Right now (May/June), my favourite area of Perch Hill is the rose garden. We mix roses and herbs, partly because it keeps the roses healthier, but also because they complement one another. A lot of the herbs are everg
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Beat Chew Stress Gum To
Habitual gum-chewer? You could be helping to reduce your stress levels! Professor Andy Smith, director of the Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology at Cardiff University, explains chewing gum stimulates the prefrontal cortex in the brain. Thi
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YOUR Care CORE for
All too often, core exercises for women are done in the pursuit of toned abs and a nipped-in waist. But strengthening your ‘power pack’ of core muscles will give you more than just a taut tummy. Your core includes the abdominal muscles, back muscles