Leather or a combination of leather or suede with a synthetic material. They are abrasion-resistant, soft and supple, and can usually be worn straight from the box without the need to wear them in.


Boot height is to above the ankle, reducing the chance of trail debris entering the boot. Higher cuffs offer better ankle support and are softened for comfort. If you expect to carry a heavy pack, higher ankles are better.


Most midsoles are EVA, a polymer designed

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Infinite Galaxies
MY AFFAIR WITH the outdoors started with a baptism of sorts. The moment of my dunking was recorded in a photograph taken by Mum. I’m up to my shoulders in the Mataura River, staring back at the camera across the current and stones of the riverbed. Da
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Your Trips, YOUR PIX
Get your photo published here to receive a $30 Silva Pocket Thermo Compass for accurate wayfinding and temperature-sussing. Learn more about Silva at e.ampro.co.nz. Last Weekend submission criteria can be found at wildernessmag.co.nz
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Judge’s Decision
While both countries have their pros and cons, I’ll choose the winner based on one criterium only: which country do I get more excited about tramping in? In this case, the outcome is clear. Step up to the podium, Aotearoa. ■