At 33, John Davies’ life changed forever.

After a run of 60 hour work weeks, he was enjoying a hard-earned holiday in Sydney’s Blue Mountains with his wife and two children. The plan was to do very little, to relax and recover from work. However, Davies’ exhaustion – though understandable – was unprecedented. Despite being physically fit, he was sleeping 16 hours a day and tiring on short walks. He’d lost weight, his vision was blurring, and then there was the thirst – it was unquenchable.

Davies’ wife – a nurse – suggested he might be diabetic, and a blood test soon confirmed her suspicion.

Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong autoimmune condition where the body attacks the cells that make insulin. Though it usually occurs in adolescence, it can present itself at any age.

Diagnosis is sometimes followed by an ‘insulin honeymoon period’, Davies says, where life

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