An Ella’va TRAMP

“I THINK YOU BETTER GIVE ME THE TENT”, suggests Margaret. “You resent carrying it.”

Oh no, had I made it that obvious? I suppose I did mention more than once that in my current state of fitness my pack was too heavy for me. It doesn’t help that we’d picked the hottest day of summer to walk up Watson Creek to the Ella Range, in Nelson Lakes National Park.

I’m sweating profusely, haven’t had enough to drink and am feeling a little nauseous from the heat. Margaret suggests a stop. I guzzle a litre of water and we immerse ourselves, clothes and all, into the small cooling pool we have stopped beside. Immediately my load feels lighter. It’s great to have good friends with you when you’re having a bad tramping moment.

I’ve known Margaret for close to 30 years. As well as being a very good friend, she’s the ideal tramping companion and we make

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