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Yourstars for 2021
As the ripples and repercussions from 2020 spread, this year’s planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct – an event traditionally associated with economic challenges and social unrest – will continue stirring the global disturbances long pre
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Quick Bites
Beetroot, cranberry and fetta whip is a tasty dip for snacking or a sandwich spread. To make it, combine 180g marinated Persian fetta, 80ml extra virgin olive oil, 500g vacuum-packed cooked beetroot, 35g toasted walnuts, 50g Ocean Spray 50% less suga
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Dressed-up Desserts
SERVES 6 PREP TIME 30 MINUTES 12 small (60g) rice paper rounds½ small (200g) red papaya, sliced thinly2 medium (170g) kiwifruit, sliced thinly125g small strawberries, halved125g raspberries, halved½ cup mint leaves 2 (130g) limes2 tablespoons hon