The Field

Hunting boots to last a lifetime

Among a rider’s possessions there is none that serves or looks so well as a pristine pair of boots. In most disciplines, riding footwear has evolved in form and function alongside modern manufacturing and fashion but choice hunting ensemble has remained largely unchanged since the early 19th century. Straight cut, English leather boots are considered the most ergonomic and aesthetically accurate for the job.

Correct hunting order is black or brown boots for autumn hunting, black boots with blue and black coats and topped boots with a red coat for hunting proper. While turnout is passably interpreted with popular Spanish cut, zip-backed boots and straight-cut, box-calf boots, such as Regent’s Pro Cotswold, which offer an economical style, neither fully match a traditional, heavyweight hunting boot when faced with the rigour of multiple seasons in the field.

A true hunting boot is made to measure out of heavy-duty wax calf, the surface of which can be restored with each wear. Also known as reverse calf, the side of the hide on the outside is from the ‘inside’ of the cow and the fibres are ‘fluffy’. By rubbing polish hard into the fibres, in a process called boning, a flat surface is engineered. If it scratches you can

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