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Shooting To Go Ahead Under ‘Rule Of Six’ Exemptions
SHOOTING, trail hunting and other rural activities are permitted to continue under exemptions to the ‘rule of six’, with Covid-safe protocols in place. The Game Shooting Census by GunsOnPegs and Lycetts reports that 85% of shoots will be shooting thi
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Strong Coffee And Steelhead
Soon after meeting Derek Barber I realised that here was a man who pursues the important things in life with single-minded determination. These passions include being able to make a perfect espresso, or macchiato, on the banks of one of the best and
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Christmas Gifts Women
BRORA X TROY LONDON Fair Isle for festive flair. Scrumptiously soft lambswool, made in one of Scotland’s oldest knitwear mills. ♦ Price £195 ♦ Tel 020 3457 8549 ♦ troylondon.com HOUSE OF BRUAR Heritage design for modern sporting Dianas. With leather