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I WOULD LIKE TO RESPOND to the interview with Julie Schablitsky the archaeologist in your June 2020 issue. I agree with her that it is very important that our history be preserved. I disagree with her though about the practice of relic hunting with metal detectors as detrimental. Not every single acre of historical land can be covered by archaeologists. The archaeologists need to recognize that we provide a valuable service and actually in many cases can even help out!

Take for instance the case of the “Centreville Six.” If a relic hunter had not discovered these previously unknown Civil

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Statuary Rivals
Perched high above the Chicago tomb of Senator Stephen A. Douglas, Abraham Lincoln’s famed political rival, stands a larger-than-life statue. It was once as famous as any outdoor memorial in the North. Ironically, it was created by an artist who knew
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Confederate Memorial Finds unusual Home
A Confederate memorial joins the displays at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, despite objections by the Houston chapter of the NAACP. The 12-foot bronze statue, named “The Spirit of the Confederacy,” portrays a winged man holding a swo
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Swan Song
The area surrounding Pollard, Ala., located east of Mobile, in the early months of 1863 was overrun with deserters and stragglers from both armies who had flocked to this sparsely populated and isolated locale. Fortunately for the local populace, whi