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n , author and historian John Horn examines the role the 12th Virginia Infantry played in the conflict. He chose that particular unit for several reasons. For one thing,

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Off To War
WAR DRUMS WERE BEATING, and Rhode Island was eager to do its part to defend Washington, D.C. In April 1861, the 1st Rhode Island Detached Militia departed Providence to defend the capital in two contingents. The first, consisting of 45 men from each
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Statuary Rivals
Perched high above the Chicago tomb of Senator Stephen A. Douglas, Abraham Lincoln’s famed political rival, stands a larger-than-life statue. It was once as famous as any outdoor memorial in the North. Ironically, it was created by an artist who knew
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Confederate Memorial Finds unusual Home
A Confederate memorial joins the displays at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, despite objections by the Houston chapter of the NAACP. The 12-foot bronze statue, named “The Spirit of the Confederacy,” portrays a winged man holding a swo