mind.” I had just stripped my black Yeti FRO of its gears, as well as the heavy and failure-prone Mountain Cycle Suspenders fork and Pro-Stop disc brake, and decided to chase after the simplicity of singlespeed mountain biking. The fork and brake had been a bad decision on my part, especially since I was struggling at the time to try to be a faster cross-country racer. Maybe some people can get behind 31-pound XC bikes, but at the time, the weight of the frame, the fork and the boat-anchor Brooks saddle all felt like they were dragging me into the ground. I

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I drafted a few deep, philosophical analogies to lead us into this review, but I scrapped them all. The Murmur isn’t about the clever wordplay or fancy sentence structure that typical Bike intros normally traffic in. The Murmur is about riding your d
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Butcher Paper
To all the newbs I'Ve loved before don't ever change I haven’t written a letter like this in a while. Hell, last time I had the clammy-hand feeling of putting these types of words into writing, I was still a gap-toothed middle school kid whose go-to
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Crafting A Rescue
Skye Schillhammer was shooting photos in Bellingham, Washington, on a winter day with Pacific Northwest ripper Taylor James, a local well-known for his wild-guy antics on and off the bike, when suddenly the day took a serious turn. James had just att