amid a strange year, the images I do capture feel more meaningful than before. With less time spent on the road, shooting everything all of the time, my lenses tend to focus on the people and places close to my heart, and every click of the shutter feels

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I drafted a few deep, philosophical analogies to lead us into this review, but I scrapped them all. The Murmur isn’t about the clever wordplay or fancy sentence structure that typical Bike intros normally traffic in. The Murmur is about riding your d
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Building Boon
When you’re laid off from work, banned from traveling and happen to live in one of the most progressive trail-development communities in the Pacifific Northwest, it doesn’t take long to fifigure out what to do with idle hands and hours. Squamish, Bri
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A Voice For Change
As her home city of Minneapolis became the center of the Black Lives Matter movement in late May, Rachel Olzer emerged as one of the most powerful voices in cycling. Olzer is a Black cross-country and cyclocross racer, Specialized ambassador and co-f