Building the Comet Lake Champion

Length of time: 1–2 hours | Level of difficulty: Easy


So here’s our first look at the Corsair iCUE 465X RGB, with the side panel off. It’s not a bad layout at all – it’s nice to finally see Corsair fully embrace the full-length PSU cover, as opposed to what the company had been doing with the three-quarter length adjustable plastic – and there’s some seriously good ventilation for that front panel as well.

What’s up for debate? Well that front fan filter for one thing. The cross-pattern lining is just a bit ugly and boring in our eyes, and as dust filters like this typically hinder airflow significantly, the first thing we’ll be doing is removing it.


The first thing on the list is to remove as many panels as we can. The front tempered-glass panel comes off easily enough; undo the four lengthy thumbscrews (one in each corner), then the entire front section can be pulled away from the case itself. Easy as pie. We’ll also remove the three front intake fans here as well, being careful to unclip them from the RGB controller in the

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