The flagship Comet Lake PC

Comet Lake hath cometh, and with it Intel has brought a bevy of new features into the headlines of its latest processors. That means a new socket, a new chipset,

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scriptwelder.itch.io/waterworks Part citybuilder, part card game, part turn-based management sim, Waterworks! is an inventive browser game that tells the history of a settlement – or the liquid part of it at least. The medieval town of Grudziadz is
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Every Feature You Need
You can translate any sentence into any language and then share it with Messaging and many other apps and services to converse immediately in two languages. When you type in text or speak into the microphone, the app will immediately translate your w
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Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook
$599 | lenovo.com We were pretty blown away by Lenovo’s Ideapad Duet Chromebook. If you put it next to a Microsoft Surface Go 2, you’d notice that the Chromebook’s keyboard was fractionally harder to type on, the back panel stand made it a little he