Bangs for few bucks.

Both budget builds have seen small increases this month, with the AMD system just managing to remain the cheaper option. We’ve made plenty of changes here; first, both motherboards are now Phantom Gaming 4 models from Asrock. The Intel build has received the Z390 motherboard because it’s the most affordable option, but the AMD build has given us a chance to both upgrade and make a saving with a new B550 board, bringing us forward a generation.

This should see minor general improvements in performance and power management, but the crucial addition is PCIe

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Sub-$900 Budget Build
ZAK STOREY Zak likes to unwind by tidying his cables. At APC we do sometimes lean a bit too heavily on the gaming angle. That’s no doubt in part because a large majority of the team here enjoy that pastime, and the industry advances quite aggressive
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Windows 10 Home 64-bit; 14-inch IPS touchscreen @ 2160x1440 pixel resolution; Intel Core i7-10510U CPU; 16GB RAM; Nvidia GeForce MX350 GPU; 30.8×22.4× 1.59cm; 1.53kg. ■
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BunsenLabs Lithium
Linux | www.bunsenlabs.org Sooner or later you become fed up of seemingly bloated desktop environments and turn to something lighter, be it OpenBox or i3. These are great – a gift in fact – but the learning curve is steep and a considerable amount o