Internet Explorer 11, legacy Edge losing Microsoft Support in 2021

After years of compatibility, Microsoft devs have decided to drop Internet Explorer 11

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Intel Core i9-10980XE vs AMD Threadripper 3970X
At first glance, the Threadripper dominates here. The i9-10980XE is currently priced at $1,999. The price will no doubt drop, but the 3970X is available at the time of writing for $3,329, placing it below the 10980XE in terms of price-per-core. The T
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We’re really pleased with how this system turned out, because building it wasn’t easy. The Nzxt H1 is a fantastic case with a bunch of cool innovations that benefit its small form factor, but actually building in it is an exercise in cramped spaces a
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Scheduling Tasks
The Occam’s Razor principle is often paraphrased as ‘the simplest answer is often correct’. Although this has long been thought as something that applies to science, this principle can also be used to determine the best software solution to a given p