Brendan Jordan

repare to feel ancient, because it’s been - wait for it - six years since Brendan Jordan danced his way to fame with his now-iconic stank face on the local news, and attracted praise from queeroes such as Lady Gaga and RuPaul, as well as Pandora Boxx. Unlike other viral sensations, the 20-year-old has remained in the spotlight thanks to his infectious personality, fierce makeup skills and continuous LGBTQ+ activism. “I just want to change the world. Is that scary for me to say?” Brendan tells GAY TIMES over the phone. “I just want to make people feel like they’re special, like they matter. The more that we feel this way, the more that we can change the world, because changing the world isn’t always the job that one person can do.” As you can tell, Brendan radiates warmth and optimism, but he hasn’t always been this way. After he skyrocketed to fame in 2014, he suffered a “huge identity crisis” after being inundated with homophobic

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