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Under the covers Diamond shoes

Did I mention that I have signed up for a two-book deal? Lucky me, right?

The only problem is that now I’m tasked with delivering the next novel in two months’ time. No problem for a seasoned (jaded) writer like myself, surely? After all, I’ve churned out seven unsuccessful

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The Alpine Fellowship
Entries are being accepted for the Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize 2021. The winner will receive £10,000, the runner up £3,000, and there is a third prize of £2,000. All three winners will be invited to the symposium in Fjällnäs. The 2021 theme for e
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What’s In A Name (or Three)?
YI’m wondering if books can suffer crises of identity. During the time they are being written they are assigned working titles. These often get changed by the authors when it’s submission time. Sometimes a helpful agent suggests a tweak to make the b
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Series Suggestions
• Be happy with your main character. Remember, he/she may be with you for many years to come.• Don’t make the focus of the series too narrow, or you’re going to run out of elbow room pretty quickly. Think long-term. www.joffebooks.com/faith-martin ■