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Andrew Everett Technical guru Bob Harper Marque expert Elliott Stiling BMW enthusiast Guy Baker Market analysis John Glynn BMW columnist Shane O’ Donoghue Road tester BMWCarMagazine @bmwcarmag bmwcarmag ■
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Walk The Line
The company motto for Swiss BMW specialist Dähler is “if you want to overtake you have to pull out”. I guess what it means by that is that taking risks, putting yourself out there and getting noticed are a major part of getting noticed in the world o
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Planning Application
2006 E61 530i SE Touring 1976 E3 3.0L In association with Plenty of bimbling about in the 530i this month including a trip over to Birds in Iver (p42) and then a run up the M40 to Bicester Heritage for a BMW event (p3) as well as lots of local runs.