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From tyrannical emperors and imperial expansion, to bathing, beauty and daily brutality, the Ancient Romans continue to fascinate and entertain. But This month, we’ve teamed up. Turn to page 26 to read more.

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Four Things You (probably) Didn’t Know About Viking Life
Yes. If you look at the few surviving beds that we have, they're much smaller than a conventional bed. A reasonably average-sized person couldn't stretch out in one. If you look in some of the later halls, which have ‘bed boxes’ built into the walls,
History Revealed1 min. leídosDesign
Swapping Dresses For Breeches
For those women for whom becoming a camp follower wasn’t enough to feel like they were contributing to the war effort, the only option was to pull on a pair of breeches and join the army. While some women donned men’s clothes so they could accompany
History Revealed2 min. leídosWars & Military
Ready For Battle
When it came to choosing sides during the Civil Wars, it usually depended on who controlled your local area.There were three main types of soldiers within both armies: cavalry (horsemen), infantry (foot soldiers) and dragoons (mounted infantry who wo