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Projects don’t have to be about subjects that have never been shot before, says commercial photographer Jon Enoch, so long as you shoot them in an original way

‘I’ve been working as a commercial photographer for about ten years and previously couldn’t quite find my way with personal work. I’ve had loads of ideas for projects and I spent ages thinking about them, but sometimes thinking too long and hard makes me feel like I’ve done it and the excitement

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Regarding the conversation in Inbox about digitising the AP archive, why not allow readers to self-digitise the AP and send them in. I could start with my 1940 copy. You have lots of very old readers with time on their hands. You could test by asking
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Club Essentials
Meets Every Wednesday evening, from September through to July, with a summer, and Christmas break Membership The annual subscription rate is normally £30, but this has been reduced to £15 for the 2020-2021 season owing to Covid-19 preventing meeting
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Bite The Bullet
The best camera is the one you have with you is a cliché we’ve all heard before. As much as it states the obvious, it does have relevance in today’s society where there can be big rewards for being the first person to record a crisis, extraordinary e