I’m a New Plant Parent, and It’s Totally Helping With My Stress Levels

My sister makes - whenever I move or redecorate a room, I call her up and ask her opinion on pretty much every decision I'm making, from rug choices to curtain rods. She has this ability to make every single space she touches feel clean, fresh, and comfortable, but most of all, incredibly calming - from her childhood bedroom, to the apartment we shared after college,

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Make the Most of Summer's Seasonal Flavors With These Pasta Salad Recipes
The perfect summer day requires good food, good company, and a lot of sunshine. Finding a meal that's healthy, filling, and cold enough to enjoy on a hot afternoon is much easier when you have a treasure trove of pasta salad recipes to choose from. A
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I Have Anxiety, and This $65 Essential Oil Kit Has Been a Game Changer
I've had an anxiety disorder since middle school and, like many people, the past year took a toll on my mental health and exacerbated my symptoms. I take medication to manage my depression, PTSD, and anxiety, and I found myself needing to increase my
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Apparently Your Period Can Cause You to Run a Low-Grade Fever - Here's Why
From tender breasts to mood swings, PMS is no joke - but there's one symptom that may catch you completely by surprise. "The basal core body temperature can change over the course of the menstrual cycle, with a higher temperature occurring during the