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Slower Runs Mean Faster Races

he 80/20 rule of intensity balance stipulates that runners should aim to spend about 80 percent of their weekly training time at moderate intensity (i.e. at a pace at which you can comfortably carry on a conversation) and about

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Simple All-Day Habits for a Better Night’s Sleep
Yup, that includes Saturday morning. “People should maintain a consistent wake time to help stabilize their circadian clock,” says Atwood. It’s so important that you can now set up your sleep schedule in Apple Health and lock in your alarm in the Clo
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What’s The Deal With Supplements?
Pre- and post-workout supplements are often billed as quick nutritional fixes, but any dietitian will tell you that the majority of your nutrients should come from—surprise—real food. In some circumstances, though, supplemental nutrition can serve as
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Does Your Sleep Position Matter?
If you have lots of miles on your legs: Sleep on your side, with a pillow between your knees. It can relieve tension on the spine by distributing compression in the body more evenly on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and intervertebral discs, says B