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Why do a lot of people suddenly seem to dislike Ellen DeGeneres? Her past life persona is 15th century Spanish Queen Isabella of Castile,

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Chat It's Fate14 min. leídos
The last sign of the zodiac, and possibly the most mysterious, you’re a wonderful mixture of creativity, sensitivity and glamour. Your empathy is both a strength and a curse. Like the water that rules you, you’re something of a shapeshifter; your per
Chat It's Fate5 min. leídosBody, Mind, & Spirit
Love Never Dies
Emily Thornton, 32, from London As I pushed the living room door open, my mum, Sue, looked up eagerly. ‘Well?’ she asked. ‘How was the ghost hunt?’ I threw myself down onto the settee next to her. ‘I got chosen again by the medium,’ I told her exci
Chat It's Fate1 min. leídosNature
Go With The Flow Ritual
In these ever-changing and often worrying times, many of us feel out of control – but the mermaid is a creature who is free to ebb and flow with the changing tides. Channel her power to shake off your worries and to be as free and fluid as the ocean!