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Why do a lot of people suddenly seem to dislike Ellen DeGeneres? Her past life persona is 15th century Spanish Queen Isabella of Castile,

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Touch Wood
Basketry is believed to be the oldest craft in the world, dating back 10 to 12 thousand years, predating pottery. Baskets have long been needed for everything from transporting goods to fishing, so it’s no surprise that basketry is found everywhere i
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Did You Know?
Before the invention of the printing press, medieval scribes often took months or even years to painstakingly write a book by hand. So it’s little wonder that they protected their precious works with curses, threatening anyone stealing or damaging th
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Ruled by Mercury• Element: Air• Quality: mutable
SYMBOL: The Twins MYTH: Castor and Pollux DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday COLOUR: Yellow BODY PART: Hands, arms and lungs METAL: Mercury GEMSTONE: Pearl, emerald HERBS: Parsley, anise, dill FOOD: Fresh fruits and veg such as asparagus and figs CAREE