Working from home has its own set of challenges, but even so, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Remote work from a homestead or farm can bring a family together, build resiliency and provide many streams of income. Whether you are just beginning to work remotely or have been working at a home-based business for a long time, there are many benefits to working from home.


Working from home on the farm can benefit the whole family. Different generations can interact and

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The Jungle Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? The Jungle Farm: We grow 6.5 quarters of traditional grain and have a market garden with about 20 acres of berries and 15 acres of vegetables. We grow fun stuff like strawberries, rasp
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Besting Big City
Satin’s coming home! I’m at the end of our long, tree-lined lane, making daisy chains and waiting. I know they have a distance to travel from the city, but 2 hours late? Every cloud of dust has me hoping it’s the truck and trailer. Oh boy, here they
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Hagenlea Beef, Brodhagen Family Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? Hagenlea Beef: My family’s century farm is located about 20 minutes northwest of Stratford, Ontario. We own 150 acres and a farm with my uncle down the road (my dad’s homestead, where