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There’s no escaping the fact that we are living in uncertain times. It’s why the country continues to hang on to the Government’s daily Covid-19 status updates, why debates over border controls and quarantine continue to rage nationwide, and why the ever-growing flow of economic analyses continue

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Profiles Revisited
IN THE POST-LOCKDOWN environment, the Rotorua market has gone nuts, says investor Michael Burge. But rather than wait for a market slowdown that Burge says is unlikely to transpire, he’s gone ahead and purchased three properties, this time in Tokoroa
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Bright-line Enforcement Initiatives
Since the introduction of the bright-line tax rules it has been compulsory to provide an IRD number when transacting a land transaction in New Zealand. This information has ensured IRD can identify individual taxpayers who may be liable for income ta
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Tip Of The Month
Auction Strategy: The auctioneer’s objective is to get buyers hyped up through bidding quickly. Do the opposite and slow the auction process down by making “half bids” and asking questions. It pays to be persistent when employing this strategy. Other