Q&A: Andy Cohen

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Bodybuilder Chris Ruden: Overcoming My Biggest Fear
Chris Ruden wasn’t sure what to expect on that afternoon in 2017 when he sat down to tape a 13-minute YouTube video revealing his deepest insecurity to the world. Born with a congenital birth defect that had left him with a short left arm and only tw
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Teens Changing the World
A competitive soccer player from 8 to 14, Hollis Belger knew that practicing juggling—keeping the ball aloft with controlled kicks—would improve her on-field skills. She also found a way it could save lives. Introduced to St. Jude Children’s Research
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Cher’s Elephant Rescue
Kaavan the elephant was confined at the Islamabad Zoo for more than 30 years. I started reading about the Free Kaavan campaign on Twitter [in 2016]. The photos were horrible. He was shackled and in distress. I remember thinking, “I can’t go to Islama