Guerrilla Gravity is a brand you can really get behind. The concept around how it manufactures its bikes is truly unique and refreshing. Seriously, it is. This is not just another bike company making the same old widget with the same old marketing scheme. Actually, Guerrilla Gravity’s marketing scheme is—how do I put this politely—a bit cheesy. From the devil-horn hand gesture as the company logo, to the proclamation, “I Like Goin’ Fast” on the toptube, to the heavy-metal font styles, it’s all way too mountain bike ‘bro-brah’ for me. And just for the record, because I know some of y’all are thinking it right now, I have similar feelings about Evil Bike Co.’s whole schtick.

But, you know, I wear colors. I have a pair of pink linen shorts and zero black jeans or flat-brim hats in my closet, I enjoy the music of Norah Jones and I think Vans are the absolute worst—so that’s where I’m coming from.

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