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Alysia Montaño is an Olympic running champion, activist and mother of three. A seven-time USA champion and two-time world-champion distance runner, this amazing athlete knows all the secrets for fitting effective training around a busy life. Now, she’s sharing her fitness inspiration with the world through her new book (VeloPress, £20.99). Designed for runners and non-runners alike, the book

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Lift To Lose
Been banging out regular runs in the hope of losing a bit of jiggle around your middle? Well done on your commitment. But if the fat’s not dropping off as fast as you’d hoped, try strength training, too. Why? ‘While cardiovascular exercise helps the
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Run into SHAPE
In recent times, running has been a comfort for many of us. Figures from Sport England show that the number of Brits running outside increased by 731,000 during the first lockdown, while data from Asics’ Runkeeper app revealed a 44 per cent rise in m
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The Right Running Bra
The humble running bra has come a long way since its 1979 beginning, when it was simply two jockstraps sewn together and known as the ‘Jockbra’. Understated? Sure, but for women sprinting sans support it was a performance-enhancing revelation. Fast f