The Field

Enjoying the big smoke

I’VE never been a fan of the dread barbecue. ‘Cook inside, eat outside’ is my motto. God would surely not have invented cookers, ovens, hobs – even microwaves – if He had wanted us to rub two sticks together and cook a manky bit of chicken or some sausage-shaped sweepings from the abattoir floor on a rusty, bird poo-smattered metal grill outside in the rain.

A picnic, on the other hand, is invariably a delight. Prepare your dill-dusted poached salmon and bitter leaf

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The Boot Room
Climate-controlled space fitted under the ground floor, stores up to 1,900 bottles in perfect cellaring conditions, accessed via a spiral staircase. No need for mechanical climate control and can be installed in under nine days; a suitably decent Chr
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Geese At First Light Or On A Moon-flight
Nostalgia is a trap for the unwary. Those who love to hunt, shoot and fish are particularly vulnerable with, in some cases, a bit of justification. What salmon fisherman, in their right mind, would not feel nostalgic for even an average season of 20
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Saddlery Training Centre For Walsall
A training centre has opened in Walsall to bring on the next generation of saddle, bridle and leather-goods makers and support the town’s high-quality leather businesses. The Walsall Leather Skills Centre, based at The Bridge, is funded by the Saddle