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The first date in my gamebook recording shooting at Llanarmon – then as now owned by the McAlpine family – was October 1966. Matthews was the headkeeper, whom they had inherited from ‘Bend’Or’, the Duke of Westminster. It was then customary for the headkeeper to join the party at the end of lunch (in the Tower) and report to the host.

I learned from Matthews about the day in 1938 depicted in the article on Winston Churchill [The personal armory of Sir Winston Churchill, July issue]. The lunchtime report was as follows: “Gentlemen, we’ve had a good morning… we shall have two more drives this afternoon… and Mr Churchill will carry the white hen.”

Nigel Kenyon,
Windsor, Berkshire


David Tomlinson [, June issue] suggests that the harrier is not as rare as enthusiasts suggest. Although he refers to both Stud Book and West Country harriers, he is perhaps over-simplifying matters as he does not mention that they are two

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