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A dog is for life not just for lockdown

og trainers are warning that separation anxiety could become a problem this month, when puppies have to be left alone for the first time

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Pony-mad Moments Captured On Canvas
When a horsey girl grows up and becomes a chief executive the first thing she does is buy herself quite a decent competition horse. However, this expensive 16.2 hands high beast is known to her and all her friends as her ‘new pony’, because there wil
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A Jolly Sporting Pair
NDC For the second time in recent years I find myself spending Christmas in The Field, by way of equatorial Africa, far away from my wife and all the sport and festivities back home. The last time a seasonal safari kept me out in the bush, the Congol
The Field3 min. leídos
I’m Dreaming Of A…
AS a long-term sufferer of CADDAD (Christmas-Affected Doom, Depression And Despondency), I look forward to this season of supposed peace on Earth and goodwill to all men with more than a little dread. This year, of course, my trifling ailment has bee