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Danger At Home
Alarmingly, statistics show that the most dangerous place for a woman to be in Australia is her own home. That was the case for Melbourne mum-of-two Katie Haley, whose partner Shane Robertson killed her after he got“angry and lost it”in their home.
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Tinsel town REUNITES
After a year of mostly virtual events, the 93rd annual Academy Awards was a breath of fresh air. Having adopted a strict “No Zoom” policy, the April 25 ceremony saw an exclusive array of A-listers reunite in person for the first time in over 12 month
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Sheila O’flanagan
After penning over 30 novels, bestselling Irish author Sheila O’Flanagan admits that sometimes she worries about running out of inspiration. “Yet somehow an idea or a character manages to lodge in my head and won’t go away until I’ve written it,” she