No joy without singing

FEW YEARS AGO, I BEGAN TAKING VOCAL LESSONS. LIKE many people, I was an enthusiastic, lifelong singer, at least in the privacy of my shower. But I wondered if I could actually acquire any skill in the discipline, enough that my family would stop flinching as I belted out the occasional tune around the house. As with any motor skill—what singing primarily is—it took a lot

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TikTok On The Chopping Block
FIRST THEY WENT AFTER HUAWEI. THEN IT WAS gummy bears singing Adele. TikTok—the social-media platform where primarily Gen Z users share dance routines and zany memes involving crooning fruit candies and the like—has become the latest flash point in t
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The Click Campaign
JOYCE GREENBERG BROWN FIRST LEARNED ABOUT POLITICAL ORGANIZING from Martin Luther King Jr. in 1957, when he visited her youth group at a Philadelphia YWCA. She worked for George McGovern in Pennsylvania in 1972 and managed field offices in Florida fo
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Television, Now Heal Thyself!
IF YOU’VE WATCHED ANY AMOUNT OF REALITY TV, you’ve witnessed a scene like the one that closes the series premiere of TBS’s Lost Resort: a beautiful 20-something woman, surrounded by scenery straight out of the Garden of Eden, screams her heart out. H