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What can we learn from Amy Schumer's pregnancy docuseries?

In Expecting Amy, the comedian navigates marriage and a grueling pregnancy with her trademark candor, but what’s most compelling is left just outside of the frame
Expecting Amy. Photograph: HBO Max

Amy Schumer, the 39-year-old comedian and actor, spends much of Expecting Amy, the three-part docu-series on her turbo-charged first year of marriage, pregnancy and the development of her 2019 Netflix special Growing, hunched over and vomiting. Afflicted by hyperemesis, or acute morning sickness, Schumer braced against unrelenting nausea and a good thousand or so hurls, many of them filmed by her husband, sister or friends. There’s the comic, hours before a show, puking into a plastic bag, out the door of a car, into the toilet bowl at 3am; a day before she’s to tape Growing at

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