Nonbinary Photographer Documents Gender Dysphoria Through A Queer Lens

Photographer Salgu Wissmath says gender dysphoria is "sorely misunderstood by society." They set out to document some of the experiences of other trans and nonbinary people.
"I identify politically and internally as nonbinary and externally practice as masculine, so trans-masculine," Jady says. "Nonbinary to me is being off of the structure that was put into place to categorize/control people. To me, that's the political part of the identification." Source: Salgu Wissmath

Inspired by their own journey as a nonbinary person, Salgu Wissmath, a photographer from Sacramento, California, decided to document feelings of gender dysphoria.

It's a term for the anguish and distress a person experiences as a result of a disconnect between their gender identity — who they feel they are — and the gender a doctor assigned them at birth.

"Gender dysphoria is sorely misunderstood by society," Wissmath says, underscoring the role the experience plays for many, though not all, trans people. "It allows them to come to understand their own identity."

Wissmath talked to a number of trans people for the project, diving into personal experiences that have

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