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Symbolic gestures of support aren’t enough

or 8 min. 46 sec., “I can’t breathe,” the plaintive refrain of a prone and pleading George Floyd, commanded the screen of a ViacomCBS video. Amid nationwide protests after Floyd’s death and polls showing widespread support for Black Lives Matter, the video was among hundreds of corporate efforts to co-opt a rallying

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The U.S. Census Bureau announced Aug. 3 it will end field data collection by the end of September, one month earlier than previously stated. The bureau said the change should not affect the results, but civil rights groups argue it will make underser
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Why Are So Many Nations Going To Mars This Summer?
TRAVELING TO MARS IS USUALLY A LONELY business—with a single spacecraft taking off from a single launchpad for the seven-month trip to the Red Planet. That appeared to be the case again on July 30, when NASA’s Perseverance rover roared off the pad at
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The Click Campaign
JOYCE GREENBERG BROWN FIRST LEARNED ABOUT POLITICAL ORGANIZing from Martin Luther King Jr. in 1957, when he visited her youth group at a Philadelphia YWCA. She worked for George McGovern in Pennsylvania in 1972 and managed field offices in Florida fo