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Why Are So Many Nations Going To Mars This Summer?
TRAVELING TO MARS IS USUALLY A LONELY business—with a single spacecraft taking off from a single launchpad for the seven-month trip to the Red Planet. That appeared to be the case again on July 30, when NASA’s Perseverance rover roared off the pad at
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Armed With A Whiteboard, Rising Freshman Katie Porter Schools Congress
ABOUT A DECADE AGO, KAMALA HARRIS CALLED up Elizabeth Warren to ask for a tip. It was the messy aftermath of the Great Recession, and Harris, then California’s attorney general, needed a recommendation for someone who could handle the complicated job
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What Exactly Is Your Brain Doing While You Sleep?
EACH OF US CARTS AROUND A 3-LB. UNIVERSE THAT orchestrates everything we do: directing our conscious actions of moving, thinking and sensing, while also managing body functions we take for granted, like breathing, keeping our hearts beating and diges