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Over the years, you’ll have had lots of friends. Some will still be very important people in your life and others, with whom you thought you’d never lose touch, are no longer around because you’ve taken different paths. The road

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Sam’s Management Crisis – Who Can She Turn To Now?
Fresh from her romantic New Year’s Eve wedding, Samantha Armytage should be floating on cloud nine as she returns to the top job at Sunrise. But she’s missing one thing – a manager! And sources say the 44-year-old is finding it a hard role to fill.
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Tori Spelling is doing nothing to dismiss strong rumours that her rollercoaster marriage to Dean McDermott is finally over, after the couple was spotted looking colder than the iced drinks they were waiting for on a family outing in Los Angeles recen
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Your optimistic outlook generally helps you push past life’s limitations. Most of us look back to our childhoods and see how relatively carefree we were. For many, this ends at childhood but hopefully it didn’t end for you. Sagittarians have an abili