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Congrats To Our Winners!
The winners of the annual Santam Women of the Future Awards in association with FAIRLADY and TRUELOVE were announced at an exclusive business luncheon emceed by Doreen Morris and broadcast via livestream. It was a great honour to partner once again w
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Do You Have To Retire At 65?
‘It’s important to consider how and where you want to retire,’ Simon says. ‘Don't leave it for your last day of work. Sure, it’s 10-plus years away, but that means you have the time to decide and implement a plan.’ Many people at 60 or 65 still feel
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How To Spot An Unfounded Theory
Not all conspiracy theories are unfounded. How can you tell? In The Conspiracy Theory Handbook, psychology and communication researchers Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook offer these signs that you’re dealing with a dodgy narrative: • OVERRIDING SUS