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Lisa Kudrow

LISA KUDROW IS UP THERE WITH LUCILLE BALL, CAROL BURNETT AND Julia Louis-Dreyfus as one of the great icons of TV comedy. With her new Netflix series , released May 29, one thing is also becoming clear: Kudrow. “It was just as comfortable as Aunt Sassy’s tracksuit.” , created by alums Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, finds Kudrow’s character in prison while her husband, played by Carell, leads a new government agency to get the U.S. back on the moon. However, why Maggie is in prison is just as much a mystery to Kudrow as it will be viewers. “She’s still sort of up in the air. Is she a badass or what happened? They don’t know.” It’s a busy time for Kudrow. Soon she’ll take part in a reunion special for HBO Max, but she’s quick to point out it’s not a new episode. “It worries me that people think it’s going to be an episode. It’s not. It’s a special. We don’t want to disappoint people.”

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