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Moving From The Range To The First Tee

his is one of the many challenges faced by all levels of golfers, who continue to be frustrated by this transition. The answer to this question involves several possible mistakes golfers often make. With a little tweaking, you can make a successful transition

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Golf Milestones 2020 Part 3
You started the 2020 golf season strong. Well done! But you’ve run into a few stumbling blocks along the way. It’s time to tweak the plan to meet and surpass your milestone scoring goals to ensure a greater chance that you consistently meet the chall
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Powering Up With Fast Eddie!
Make sure the distance between left knee and right hip remains constant in the backswing. When right hip turns, left knee moves in conjunction. Pretend there is a rope tied from right hip to left knee and move in sync. The distance between right hip
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Cool California
Today, I’m walking in the steps of Tiger Woods. And not “Chill Dad Tiger” or “Over-40 Underdog Tiger,” either. I’m talking Dominant, Smack You Down and Put You in Your Place Tiger. Our foursome just walked onto the 16th tee at Omni La Costa Resort &